I want to save and retrieve some application settings in my Xamarin.Android project.

I know that in Android (java), I use the class SharedPreferences to store this information, but I do not know how to convert that to Xamarin C#.

When I type "SharedPreferences" into the Xamarin Studio IDE, there is no auto-completion, so I don't know what to use.

An initial search of the interwebs took me to a related question, but only contains Android java:

So to summarise:

  • What is the Xamarin Android C# equivalent of Android Java's SharedPreferences?

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The Xamarin.Android equivalent of SharedPreferences is an interface called ISharedPreferences.

Use it in the same way, and you will be able to easily port Android code across.

For example, to save a true/false bool using some Context you can do the following:

ISharedPreferences prefs = PreferenceManager.GetDefaultSharedPreferences (mContext);
ISharedPreferencesEditor editor = prefs.Edit ();
editor.PutBoolean ("key_for_my_bool_value", mBool);
// editor.Commit();    // applies changes synchronously on older APIs
editor.Apply();        // applies changes asynchronously on newer APIs

Access saved values using:

ISharedPreferences prefs = PreferenceManager.GetDefaultSharedPreferences (mContext);
mBool = prefs.GetBoolean ("key_for_my_bool_value", <default value>);
mInt = prefs.GetInt ("key_for_my_int_value", <default value>);
mString = prefs.GetString ("key_for_my_string_value", <default value>);

From this sample, you can see that once you know the correct C# interface to use, the rest is easy. There are many Android java examples on how to use SharedPreferences for more complex situations, and these can be ported very easily using ISharedPreferences.

For more information, read this thread:

You can use this example for you SharedPreferences in Xamarin.Android

First, you need to use :

ISharedPreferences //Interface for accessing and modifying preference data
ISharedPreferencesEditor // Interface used for modifying values in a ISharedPreferences

You can create a similar class

public class AppPreferences
    private ISharedPreferences mSharedPrefs;
    private ISharedPreferencesEditor mPrefsEditor;
    private Context mContext;


    public AppPreferences (Context context)
        this.mContext = context;
        mSharedPrefs = PreferenceManager.GetDefaultSharedPreferences(mContext);
        mPrefsEditor = mSharedPrefs.Edit ();            

    public void saveAccessKey(string key){
        mPrefsEditor.PutString(PREFERENCE_ACCESS_KEY, key);

    public string getAccessKey(){
        return mSharedPrefs.GetString(PREFERENCE_ACCESS_KEY, "");

From the Activity.

Context mContext = Android.App.Application.Context;
AppPreferences ap = new AppPreferences (mContext);

If you want to save some value:

string key = "123123";
ap.saveAccessKey (key);

If you want to get the value

string key = ap.getAccessKey();

I hope this example helps you

I had trouble using PreferenceManager as the example shows. I added this code at the top and now I'm good using it.

using Android.Preferences;

Not sure if it's the proper way tho' ..

Plus to get the preferences you have to add the default value as a second parameter or it will not compile

mInt = prefs.GetInt ("key_for_my_int_value", defaultInt);

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