this is my url so, here I need the parameter image-with-article in my blade to display which is a parameter named slug here is in my routes file I need the slug paramter in blade.

Route::get('/blogs/{slug}', ['as'=>'', 'uses'=> 'CmsController@show']);

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I'm not sure what you mean. If you're trying to construct the route in a Blade template, use

<a href="{{ route('', ['slug' => 'someslug']) }}">...</a>

If you're trying to access the given parameter, I would suggest passing it from the controller:

// CmsController
public function show($slug)
    // other stuff here
    return view('someview', compact('slug'));

// someview.blade.php
{{ $slug }}

And if you really need to access the parameter from the view without first sending it from the controller... you really shouldn't, but you can use the facade:

{{ Request::route('slug') }}

If you want to get the parameters without using the controller method


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