I just begin to use Laravel 5.4, In the login.blade.php i have

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I don't like to put plain text in html code, is there a solution to make all the texts in seperate lang files to use them dynamically?

Thank you

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The resources/lang folder contains localization files. The file name corresponds to the view that it will be used. In order to get a value from this file, you can simply use the following code:


If you want to realize the possibility of language selection, you only need a few simple steps to apply:

  1. In config/app.php add this code:

    'locale' => 'ru',
    'locales' => ['ru', 'en'],

    The name of the locale can be any.

  2. In app/Http/Middleware create a new file named Locale.php. The contents of the file should be something like this:

    namespace App\Http\Middleware;
    use Closure;
    use App;
    use Config;
    use Session;
    class Locale
       * Handle an incoming request.
       * @param  \Illuminate\Http\Request  $request
       * @param  \Closure  $next
       * @return mixed
       public function handle($request, Closure $next)
         $raw_locale = Session::get('locale');
         if (in_array($raw_locale, Config::get('app.locales'))) {
           $locale = $raw_locale;
         else $locale = Config::get('app.locale');
           return $next($request);
  3. In app/Http/Kernel.php in $middlewareGroupsarray add the this line:


  4. In routes/web.php add:

    Route::get('setlocale/{locale}', function ($locale) {
      if (in_array($locale, \Config::get('app.locales'))) {
        Session::put('locale', $locale);
      return redirect()->back();

Laravel has a localization module.

Basically you create a file, ex: resources/lang/en/login.php and put

return [ 'header' => 'Login' ];

And in your template you use @lang('login.header') instead of Login.

You can have as many files in your /resources/lang/en directory and using @lang blade directive you put your file name (without extension) and desired value separated with dot.

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